About the Author

fredricaKussinFREDRICA CERE KUSSIN, is the author of AllEtiquette.com, founder and president of First Impressions Image, is an expert on international customs, manners and office politics. Since 1985 she has taught at numerous North American companies (BC TEl. The Bay, The Loewen Group, Owen Bird Law Corp, Sun Life Canada, Coldwell Banker Realtor, MasterCard) and scores of men and women who understand that to succeed they must look and feel great.

Fredrica has been a teacher of physical education, a gem and textile importer, a commercial songwriter, a documentary film researcher for television, and an owner of a Montreal talent agency. She had a weekly column, “Just For Men,” in the Vancouver Sun, and is frequently seen on television, and in magazine and radio interviews.

Fredrica is a world tarveller and avid photographer. She spends most of her time on the West Coast of North America and travels regularly to Europe and the Asia Pacific. Fredrica is currently writing a book on Human Rights in the Middle East and opening an online art gallery featuring Asian Antiques and Contemporary Artwork from around the world. You can reach her at info@alletiquette.com