Chapter 8: Europe Etiquette

Europe (Eastern & Western) – Greetings & Forms of Address
Shake hands with a firm grip when you meet and when you depart. If you meet the same person more than once in a day, shake hands each time.

Europe (Eastern & Western) – Appointments & Punctuality
Never try to make a cold call to get an appointment; it is just not done. Europeans do not like to conduct business on the phone.

Europe (Eastern & Western) – Meetings & Presentations
Good manners are critical and ignorance is no excuse for bad behaviour. Europeans are very class conscious. They have a distinct notion of what refined conduct should be.

Europe (Eastern & Western) – Negotiations
Europeans are conservative in their approach. Negotiators are older and experienced. They are careful in decision making and not willing to take too many risks.

Europe (Eastern & Western) – Dress Code
Europeans dress well and expect others to do the same. Their first impression of your appearance, good or bad, will often help form a lasting opinion of your character. Finely tailored clothing of classic cut and style predominate in the business world. Shoes should be polished and of good quality and style.

Europe (Eastern & Western) – Business Entertaining
Although power breakfasts are becoming more popular (in France, Switzerland, Monaco, and England) business lunches are far more common and may take place in a cafe.