Chapter 11: North America Etiquette

North America (Canada & United States) — Greetings & Forms of Address
A proper North American handshake is a full-hand grip that is firm and warm with an understated downward snap.

North America (Canada & United States) — Appointments & Punctuality
In North America, it is acceptable to make a cold call (calling a person without making an introduction or an appointment).

North America (Canada & United States) — Meetings & Presentations
Meetings begin and end as scheduled.

There is very little small talk at meetings. North Americans like to get down to business immediately and follow the agenda.

North America (Canada & United States) — Negotiations
Negotiations are approached in a problem-solving manner. Decisions are made after requested information has been gathered and pondered over for accuracy and effectiveness.

North America (Canada & United States) — Table Manners
In Canada, both North American and Continental styles of eating are followed. In the U.S., the North American style is mostly used, which consists of switching the fork from the left hand to the right hand after cutting the food.

North America (Canada & United States) — Gestures
Standing too close to a North American may be perceived as an invasion of one’s personal space.