Chapter 4: Business Travel

Travelling by Commercial Jet
Choose an aisle seat with an empty seat between you and the window. An aisle seat is preferable because it has a little extra space and is easily reached.

Air Travel Tips
Put on the headset if the person seated next to you insists on conversation and you want to read or relax.

Packing Tips
Leave business cards inside all of your bags in case the outside tags are lost en route. Photocopy all travel documents and credit cards and keep a copy in a separate place.

Hotel Gratuities
When in doubt about the gratuity ask the concierge at your hotel.

Always take a pile of American one-dollar bills when travelling around the world – it is the most accepted currency.

Hotel Complaints
Complaints that may warrant a free night stay:

  • The sound of a jackhammer before 8:00 a.m.
  • You have a reservation and indicated a late arrival but there are no rooms available.

Complaints that may warrant a free meal:

  • The bed is really uncomfortable and they cannot give you another room.
  • The next door guests are extremely loud.

Negotiating Abroad
The key to a successful negotiation is to bring out the differences and integrate them in a way that pleases both parties. Satisfying everyone’s needs is the main purpose of negotiating.