Chapter 9: Middle East & gulf States Etiquette

Middle East & Gulf States – Greetings & Forms of Address
Arabs are elaborate with greeting. In addition to a handshake, they may touch your arm or shoulder, and after several meetings will embrace you. Consider this an honor.

Middle East & Gulf States – Negotiations
If you can negotiate in a souk (a marketplace in a Muslim country) you will be able to negotiate with any Arab business person.

Middle East & Gulf States – Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts should be presented publicly to the group after a deal is closed. Wait for your host to present you with a gift first.

Middle East & Gulf States – Table Manners
Meals are large and lengthy, so make sure you have a good appetite; eating large quantities shows your appreciation. It is very common for women to eat separately from men, even in their own homes.

Middle East & Gulf States – Gestures to Avoid
Do not walk in front of an Arab while he is praying and never step on a prayer mat.

Middle East & Gulf States – Dress Code
Your approach to dressing should be modest. The body must be covered at all times for both genders, even when it is hot.