Chapter 6: Asia Etiquette

Asia — Greetings & Forms of Address
Most East Asians (people from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma)and Vietnam bow to each other.

Asia — Business Cards
Offer your card and important papers to the Chinese, South Koreans, and Japanese with both hands, and accept theirs the same way.

Asia — Meetings & Presentations
Decide beforehand what technical information you are willing to share with your Asian counterparts, and be sure everyone on your team knows.

Asia — Negotiation Tips
Don’t get too personally involved with your counterparts. Keep some distance. The Asians will respect you more if you are a little aloof.

Asia — Table Manners
Cover your mouth with your hand when you use toothpicks.

Asia — Dress Code
Both men and women should avoid “going native” in their clothing choices.