Chapter 10: Israel Etiquette

Israel — Greetings and Forms of Address
A warm handshake followed by “Shalom” is the acceptable form of greeting when you meet and depart.

Titles are not considered important. Do not be offended when you are called by your first name.

Israel — Appointments & Punctuality
You are expected to be punctual. However, Israelis are casual about time, and it is not unusual for your associates to be up to half an hour late.

Israel — Business Cards
To impress your host, have your business cards engraved. It is a sign of status in Israel.

Israel — Meetings & Presentations
Business is conducted at a similar pace to that of a large American city such as New York.

Israel — Negotiations
Decision making takes more time than in the West. Top executives make the final decisions in private companies. Companies owned by a group of people make decisions collectively.

Israel — Photography
Do not photograph altercations between Jews and Arabs.