Chapter 13: Terrorism Etiquette

Be Alert To Terrorism
Get a security briefing of the area you will be working and travelling in.

Questions to ask are:

  • Has there been terrorist activity in the region in the past?
  • Were hostages taken?

Visit the Web site of your country’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Find out if the place you are going to is a hot spot for terrorist activity.

Tips For Safe Business Travel


  • Stay away from demonstrations and other large gatherings.
  • Carry one credit card separately from the rest. That way, if your wallet gets stolen you will still have a source of money.


  • Use ATMs that are on low visible streets where criminals can observe your transactions.
  • Take unmarked taxicabs or get into any taxi carrying passengers you don’t know.

Terrorism At Home
Terrorists around the world are working on more sophisticated approaches to mass destruction. To strengthen employee confidence, companies should provide guidelines on how to deal with terrorism. If you are the person who hires, look closely at whom is working for you.

Company Guidelines After A Crisis
After a crisis, hire a counsellor to deal with employees on an individual basis. An employee that is having problems will show signs of depression, a lack of self-worth, anxiety, lethargy, low self-confidence, anger, and/or cannot concentrate. This person will need extra help.