Chapter 3: Your Public Image

Non-Verbal Communication; Face; Hands & Arms; Legs & Feet; Personal Space; The Rules of Standing in Line; Confrontation; Public Speaking (Preparation & Voice, Developing Confidence, The Parts of a Speech, Delivering your Speech, Using a Microphone); Press Releases; Interviews: Radio & Television (Preparation, The Interview); The TV Camera; What to Wear; Introducing Speakers; Presenting an Award; Accepting an Award; Company Events & Celebrations; Private Clubs; Working the Cocktail Party; The Art of Toasting.

To develop a winning image you must communicate effectively.


Non-verbal Communication
In face-to-face interactions, body language communicates 60 percent of our message, our tone of voice accounts for 30 percent, and our words, only 10 percent.

Personal Space
Every person is “encased” in a bubble of personal space. The size of the bubble depends on the degree of intimacy between people and varies with culture.

Public Speaking
Start with:
1. A humorous story or anecdote about yourself.
2. A startling fact to get attention.
3. A question for the audience (if you dare).

Ask the person confronting you if you can talk later in private. Deal with emotions first. Be open and receptive when dealing with conflict, it will make the other person less hostile and defensive.

Private Clubs
Do not ask about club fees or offer to pay. Only members can sign the bill.

Make the first toast if you are the host. The speech should be brief, from one to four minutes, and to the point.