Chapter 12: Latin America Etiquette

Latin America (Including Mexico) — Greetings & Forms of Address
A prolonged handshake of five to seven strokes, with a loose grip is the customary greeting when you meet and leave.

Latin America (Including Mexico) — Meetings & Presentations
Latin Americans consider the North American approach of getting to the point and leaving the details for later too straightforward.

Latin America (Including Mexico) — Negotiations
Executives may play up the drama of negotiations to bide their time. Patience and diplomacy are critical so avoid showing anger at interruptions or delays.

 Latin America (Including Mexico) — Corporate Gifts
 Do not give corporate gifts until after a deal has been closed. Present them in a social setting rather than a business environment. Gifts will be opened after you have left.
 Latin America (Including Mexico) — Table Manners
 Never pick up food with your fingers, even fruit and chicken should be eaten with utensils.
 Latin America (Including Mexico) — Customs & Traditions
 Honour is of great importance to the Latin American people: never criticize, pull rank, or embarrass someone in public.