Chapter 2: Office politics

The Resume (The Cover Letter, The Hardcopy Resume, The Online Resume); The Interview (appearance, personality)Work Test, The HDS Test); The Lunch Interview; Negotiating for More Money When a Job is Offered; Mail & Letter Etiquette; Business Cards; Facsimiles (Faxes); Computers; The Internet & E-Mail; How To Fight Spam (Junk E-mails); Net Acronyms; E-Business; Web Professionals Defined; Telephone Manners; Cellphones; Voice Mail & Answering Machines; Call Waiting; How Men Should Deal with Women at the Office; Personal Questions; Romance at the Office; Getting Fired; Dealing with Bullying at the Office; Building Rapport with your Boss; The Boss’s Spouse; Executive Etiquette; Asking for a Raise; Name Tags; Making Meetings Work for You; Traditional Power Positioning in Meetings; Offices of the New Millennium; European Offices; Home Offices; Networking; Networking Abroad; The Etiquette of Ambition; Winning.

Mastering and practising business etiquette gives you an edge when you are being considered for employment or advancement.


The Interview
Give a firm handshake when arriving and leaving; stand up to greet the interviewer.

Executive Etiquette
Don’t expect people to follow rules if you do not follow them yourself.

The Internet & E-Mail
Use the “blind carbon copy” (Bcc) field when sending group e-mails. This way you won’t divulge the names of the other people you are writing to.

How Men Should Deal with Women at the Office
Remember, the only thing women want is to be treated with respect and equality. Forget sexual distinctions – treat women as people.

Romance at the office
Keep your affair under wraps until you have committed to a long-term relationship.

Asking for a Raise
Ask for a raise after a major coup or at your yearly review. Use your business acumen to sell yourself.